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澳门老人味 College Preparatory

1405 Brentwood Parkway NE, Washington, DC 20002 (Ward 5)

澳门老人味 College Preparatory is an equitable, diverse, and affirming learning community. We empower students to develop the 21st-century skills necessary to pursue college, career, and choice-filled lives. Our classrooms are urgent, intentional, and rigorous. We nurture and celebrate every student and family. We work every day to create a school where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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Students at 澳门老人味 College Preparatory use a choice-based course selection process where students get to preference their courses each year based on credits taken and credits remaining. Our goal is for 100% of students to graduate from high school prepared to enroll in and complete college or find a self-sustaining career. This takes hard work, discipline, and meeting high academic expectations. We believe all students are capable of achieving their goals and learning at a high level. We offer classes and course offerings in English, social science, math, foreign languages, and physical education & health. Students can also choose to take music, art, and technology electives.

Honors Program

Honors Program students have access to advanced courses during their 9th-grade year. These courses provide scholars with a weighted GPA and a transition into AP classes such as AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Chemistry, and many other AP classes in all core subjects during scholars鈥 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade years. Click here to learn more.


Extracurriculars at 澳门老人味 high schools are student-driven to promote leadership and passion. There are many opportunities to be involved outside of class. Students can join sports teams, try out for the school musical, or join a club.

Current extracurriculars include :

Black Panther Organization 鈥 Chemistry Club 鈥 Chess Club 鈥 E-Sports 鈥 Gardening Club 鈥 Girls Inc. Leadership Program 鈥 Graphic Design Club 鈥 Mock Court 鈥 National Honor Society 鈥 New Creations Dance Ensemble 鈥 Quiz Bowl (It鈥檚 Academic) Team 鈥 Social Justice Club 鈥 Student Government Association 鈥 Theater 708 鈥 Virtual Enterprise 鈥 Weightlifting Club 鈥 Woods Project

Student Life

Experience all that comes with attending a 澳门老人味 high school.听 Students celebrate annual traditions like Grade Level Orientation, Homecoming, Winter Arts Showcase, Black History Month Showcase & Celebration, Musical, Play, Spring Dance, Prom, Senior Brunch,听 9th鈥11th Grade End of Year Trips, and our Senior Overnight Trip.


Try out for one of our many sports teams or cheer on the KCP Panthers at a sports game! 澳门老人味 College Preparatory Panthers compete against other DC area schools in the DCSAA Class A league. Teams include Basketball, Cheerleading, Football,Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball, Cross Country

College & Career Counseling

The college and career counseling program at KCP begins during freshman year to ensure that 100% of students are college and career bound. KCP maintains a low student-to-counselor ratio, making it possible for every student to have access to individualized support throughout the college application process.

KIPP Forward (College & Career Services)

KIPP Forward听begins working with 澳门老人味 students in middle school to help them prepare for the transition to 澳门老人味 high schools. Throughout high school, KIPP Forward remains connected with our alumni to offer academic, college placement, & career readiness programming. Once our alumni graduate from high school, KTC continues to support and collaborate with them on their path toward college completion or self-sustaining careers. Learnmore!