College & Career Guidance

KIPP Forward provides students with guidance and support鈥攅nsuring they have the resources and self-advocacy skills needed to pursue the paths they choose- college, career, and beyond. The KIPP Forward team builds strong partnerships with the universities where KIPPsters attend, counsels alumni about financial aid, course selection, career paths, and provides access to important on- and off-campus resources.

Ensuring College Readiness

  • Rigorous High School Education

    KIPP schools鈥 curricula are rigorous, standards-based, and carefully designed to prepare each child to succeed in college, career, and life beyond.

  • College Selection & Matching

    Experienced KIPP Forward advisors support all 澳门老人味 students and alumni through a mix of personalized programs, selection counseling, and application support to help each student choose the best path after graduation.

  • SAT Preparation

    KIPP Forward provides 澳门老人味 students and alumni with SAT support to help each student maximize their chances of continuing on to their top choice school.

  • Financial Aid

    KIPP Forward offers a variety of programs including financial aid nights, financial planning workshops, and scholarship application support to help guarantee each student has the financial resources necessary to move onto college.

College Transition

College Ambassador Program

聽The College Ambassador Program is a part of KIPP鈥檚 larger effort to connect all KIPP alumni on the same college campus or geographic area to ensure they persist through college. On campuses with significant numbers of KIPP alumni, a College Ambassador is selected to lead the cohort, assess student needs, and help their peers persist and graduate.

College Partnerships

KIPP has created college partnerships with institutions that share our belief that with the right support, all students can reach their educational and professional goals. Partner universities commit to admitting KIPP students and providing critical resources to ensure each KIPPster remains on track to receive a college degree.

College Completion

Of 澳门老人味 eighth grade alumni, 71 percent have matriculated to college and 35 percent have graduated from college. 澳门老人味 aims to reach a college matriculation rate of 85 percent and a college graduation rate of 50 percent.