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Join one of the highest-performing PreK-12 public school systems in the District of Columbia. Be surrounded by diverse educators who are committed to anti-racism and providing an excellent education to all students. We aim for 澳门老人味 to be the best place in our nation鈥檚 capital for educators to grow professionally and make an impact. Through a robust professional development program, first-class benefits, ample resources, and a team and family culture, educators can reach new heights in their careers by joining the 澳门老人味 community.

Why Join 澳门老人味?


Join one of the highest-performing PreK-12 public school systems in the District of Columbia. Be part of a talented group of diverse educators, all committed to anti-racism and providing an excellent education to all students.


We seek to deliver unparalleled coaching and development to maximize teachers鈥 impact on student achievement. Our targeted, year-round professional development program is rooted in antiracist practices and aligned to a core curriculum provided to all teachers. Staff receive regular feedback and coaching from an administrator and content coach, allowing them to hone their craft and focus on lesson delivery and differentiation.


At 澳门老人味, we believe in developing teachers whether they are in the classroom for decades, or aspire to leadership. There are many advancement opportunities including partnership with Relay Graduate school, special education fellowship, grade level chairs, Rising Leader Vice Principal and Dean Development Cohort, and Principal in Residence Training Program.

School Culture and Equity

澳门老人味 schools are joyful and identity affirming with school cultures centered in restorative practices, positive behavior incentives, and social emotional learning. As a public school system, we also aim to identify and confront institutional racism to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization for staff and students.

Additional Benefits

澳门老人味鈥檚 start at 65,500, are above the District of Columbia average, and we offer renewal add-ons of up to $5,000 each year a teacher returns. In addition, ample school budgets ensure educators do not need to pay out of pocket for classroom expenses.

澳门老人味 offers a robust benefits package including medical, dental, vision, various voluntary benefits, and employer paid benefits such as short term disability, long term disability, life insurance, and a membership to One Medical. 澳门老人味 also offers a 403(b) retirement account with employer contributions and match, vesting after three years. Teachers have access to 澳门老人味鈥檚 additional development and enrichment opportunities such as Relay鈥檚 Masters of Arts in Teaching program, Special Education Fellowship, School Culture Champion Grants, Classroom Innovation Grants, and various fellowship and pilot programs launched each year.

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Upcoming Events

  • 澳门老人味 Hiring Fair

    May 18 9am -1pm

  • Behind The Scenes Wheeler Campus Visit

    May 31 9-11am


Talk with a Recruiter

Early Childhood

with Natalie Cheuk our early childhood recruitment manager.

Elementary School

with Chentese Stewartour elementary recruitment manager.

Middle School

with Xernalia Marshall our middle school recruitment manager.

High School

with Joshua Middleton听our middle school recruitment manager.


"鈥淚 know this is the work I鈥檓 supposed to be doing, and I ground it in the fact that I am helping change lives through education. It feels great to provide students with the education they deserve in the community I grew up in. I recently had a parent text me about how excited her daughter was to talk about a book we recently read. It鈥檚 the little moments like that that make this work gratifying鈥"

Chris Richardson, 6th Grade Teacher at Honor Academy

What We Look For



Bachelor鈥檚 degree

Commitment to working with students from communities with limited access to quality educational opportunities

Strongly Preferred

At least two years of teaching experience in a public school or education degree with student teaching experience


澳门老人味 prefers all teachers to be 鈥淗ighly Qualified鈥, which includes a Bachelor鈥檚 degree and passing the appropriate Praxis exam(s)

Bachelor鈥檚 degree in content area

Experience/strength in content area

Experience teaching in a predominantly African-American environment

How To Stand Out

Mission Alignment

We are looking for teachers who are passionate about 澳门老人味鈥檚 mission and to advancing its antiracist ambition through their work with staff, students, alumni, and families.

Strong content knowledge

Successful applicants show evidence of planning and delivering well structured, engaging lessons. They have demonstrated student success and use data often to inform their practice.

Positive classroom culture

澳门老人味 teachers are focused on relationship building, use restorative management strategies, and have clear systems and routines in their classroom

Teacher leadership

We are looking for team members that support their colleagues, navigate conflict thoughtfully, and are eager to grow in their practice.

How to Apply

Apply Now

For most teaching candidates who progress beyond the online application, the selection process involves the following steps:

Online Application: Our application is quick! An upload of your resume and a few short answer questions. While our application is rolling, we encourage you to apply as early as possible as we fill most teaching roles by Spring.

Initial Interview: We鈥檒l connect with you via phone or video (your choice) for a 30-45 minute interview to learn more about you.

Sample Teaching Video: You鈥檒l submit a sample video (or sometimes perform a lesson via zoom).

Final Interview and Demo Lesson: You’ll get to meet with our school leaders听to share more about yourself and learn more about our schools. You’ll also teach a demo lesson with our students.

References: We鈥檒l ask you to share three professional references that we鈥檒l reach out to.

Offer extended: You鈥檙e a teacher at 澳门老人味 Public Schools!